Friday, October 29, 2010

2nd Annual Riecke Halloween Festival

I don't think Anjee's intent is to make it an annual thing....but it sounds good! We'll just have to travel to Oregon to continue the tradition when they do decide to move (**tears!**)

Alexis and Brooklyn started the morning in their Halloween attire to look festive before busting out the actual costumes.

Will as batman....

and his faithful side kick Catwoman (Ella )

Tinkerbell (Sophie)

Costume Change....
Brooklyn as the Little Mermaid

What party isn't complete without 2 Little Mermaids (Amaya the White version and Brooklyn the Asian version)

And the Little Mermaids trusty sidekick Sebastion (Alexis) with Tinkerbell

Alright there were many other princesses, a safari hunters, a red hot chili pepper, a hamburger, all delivered by a UPS guy, but by the time they all started coming through the Crab got Crabby....

....soo the camera got put away.

We had fun! Always a great time with the girls' besties in hand (and mine!) What a great way to jump start the Halloween Weekend!


Alex said...

Super mom managed to download and post pics already! ;) Love the cranky lobster. Maybe she shoulda been a crab!

Riecke's said...

Definitely will be a 3rd annual...and then when we move to Oregon you won't have to go far because you are moving with us! deal?!!?!? There are Chase banks and hospitals up there! Thanks for coming...and thanks for helping with the kids yesterday! you are the best!