Thursday, October 14, 2010

Busy BEE!

I don't know how anyone works 5 days a week! LOL I am exhausted!!!! I'm pretty sure I'd rather work 3 NIGHTS a week then 5 days. Despite feeling way tired, we're still charging ahead here. October is zooming by and we're onto our 2nd wave of family in town to watch the Girls. Pepaw Pike is in town to man the house while Brett and I are off at work. Still haven't had time to take any pictures, but will! In the meantime I'll share the pictures from last week when Memaw was still in town....

Memaw brought the girls some halloween tutus....

We threw them on the girls to see how they'd fit and they loved wearing them!!! (yes I know they don't really match the outfits they got going on...but you get the point!)

Memaw and Alexis at dinner

Memaw and her "Princess"

Memaw with Both Girls.

Deuce obviously still fighting for attention...and winning....

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