Friday, October 1, 2010


With the Month changing comes new changes in our lives. I accepted a new position at a new hospital this past summer and I start my new job on Monday. I will officially leave my positions working as a NICU RN and Adult ICU RN and go back to working full time Adult ICU RN. It saddens me to be leaving the NICU setting especially since my baby Alexis is getting big so fast and I've been able to achieve my "baby fix" by coming to work! I hope to not completely remove myself from the NICU and lose any skills I've gained over the past 4 years by picking up extra shifts back in the nursery. It was a tough decision to leave my current job(s), but the determining factor was the close proximity of the new hospital to our home. I couldn't pass up the 5 mile commute to work and with my girls being so little I couldn't pass up the driving hrs I'll be saving. It WAS a very exciting thing to know that Brett would only be working 1 mile from home and I would be working 5 miles away. BUT like I mentioned in the title of this blog...this month involves Changes. For Brett that change means a recent promotion (YAY!) He has accepted a new position as District Manager with Chase which involves a change in work location and travel (boo!) Just as I manage to come closer to home for work, Brett crosses upon a job opportunity that takes him further away from home. That being the only negative aspect I couldn't be any prouder of him and excited for this. Because of our recent changes in employment Brett and I have had to recruit family members for this month to help care for our girls. My orientation puts me at work 5 days a week (day shift so more change for me!) for the next 3 weeks. It's an adjustment for the girls since they are used to me being home with them all but one day a week. The first wave of family that arrived is my Mom and Auntie Emma who actually flew in last week to watch the girls while Brett and I had our weekend escape...which proved to be very needed considering the crazy weeks we have ahead of us. Auntie Emma stayed with us til Weds. The girls have been spoiled rotten by having them both here and still continue to be spoiled by Memaw til next week when she leave and then Pepaw Pike comes to take over the spoiling.

Auntie Emma, Alexis, Memaw and Brooklyn hanging by the pool....

I am so glad that they both we here to care for our girls (They also got a good taste of what life is like at the Stephenson household...from it's challenges, which thankfully are few and far between, to it's MANY heartwarming moments)
We are so lucky to have such wonderful family willing to put a hold on their lives and fly here and help us make these changes in our lives....Memaw has also made it her mission to potty train Brooklyn (BONUS!)...hopefully she leaves detailed instructions for Pepaw Pike to follow....

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