Monday, October 25, 2010

Family Bonding

This month has been filled with family bonding for the girls. (scroll down for more blogs regarding the past few weeks events at our house posted today...I had alot of catching up to do!) The best part about this past month was seeing the girls interact and spend time with our family who were sooooo kind and wonderful to travel out here to help us out. Brooklyn was very excited to see "Michaelmarcus" and it took her a little bit to realize that they were 2 people. Michael AND Marcus. Monkey see monkey can tell that she's really gonna look up to her older cousins. From eating, to trying to play video games, running around the house, the backyard, playing bubbles, wrestling on their younger siblings (Alexis wasn't a fan of this) pottying like a big girl, to calling Rhonda "Mom" and Jamey "Honey".... Brooklyn did it all!

Part of bonding for my kiddos is to have them coordinate their wardrobe. I've never been "allowed" to have them completely match per my hubbie so I have to settle for similar colors..... (there was probably no way that I could have gotten "Michaelmarcus" into magenta otherwise you'd see them in the pictures also!)

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