Thursday, October 7, 2010

Out of Sorts

As expected we're experiencing a month unlike any others we've had.

I'm working day shift mon-fri in preparation for the new hospital to open on Nov 1st which is completely different then I'm used to. Still unsure if it's any better or worse for me. I don't like working and commiting to 5 days a week as well as I totally miss the whole day with the girls. Although I'd be lying if I said I didn't like the "normal" feeling of sleeping at night and being awake for the day, as well as my weekends off. For now, I do know that I'd be willing to sacrifice sleep and feeling "normal" if it means being home with the girls more during the week.

Brett's counting the days down til he's done working at only one branch. Not sure if the travel around will get old or if he'll like seeing new faces and a new branch everyday.

My mom is still in town which means meals are planned, prepped and cooked, and the girls are taken care of. It's been a huge help to have that break for a change. To not have to really think of what to eat next, what the girls are gonna eat, if their diaper is changed and if Brooklyn's brushed her teeth is an enormous help. I've become spoiled and thus feeling outta sorts.

My Mom's been able to keep the girls on their schedule as best she can while she's been here so we don't totally throw them off their routine. But Sheasus is still sleeping in out closet and GRACIOUSLY given up her room to keep as our guest room. (I kid you not, she sleeps way better in there so don't Laugh!) She'll continue to be there throughout the month as we continue to WELCOME more family. See how thrilled she is?!

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