Monday, October 25, 2010

Schnepfs Farm.

I am gonna be lacking some good pictures for this post since my batteries on my camara died 5 minutes into our visit there. So we'll have to wait for Rhonda to send me copies of her pictures she got there.

I love going to Schnepfs farm for the fall festivities. We went to their amusement park with their mini roller coaster that Brooklyn and the boys rode multiple times. Took the "spooky" train ride through the property. Rode the pedal cars where Rhonda and I did the work and pushed the kids through the trees. Played at the petting zoo where Brooklyn got to see all her favorite animals up close and personal. Rode the carousel and pony rides, had a good meal, made our way back to the amusement park for more rides, and then picked out some pumpkins to carve later! All in all a good time and better yet Schnepfs farms is pretty much in our backyard. BONUS! Rhonda and I realized that "dragging" our hubbies to the Farm would be more of a hassle so they stayed behind to watch Alexis. She's too young to remember anyhow and I didn't want to have to push a stoller through the farm.

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