Monday, October 25, 2010

Third Wave

Last Saturday our 3rd wave of family came and took over Pepaw Pike's nannying duties. Jamey Rhonda Michael Marcus, and Baby Stephenson (Due April 2010!!!!!) drove down from N. Dakota. (Can I just tell you how lucky we are to have such incredible and wonderful family!!) They were here to spend time with the girls while I finished my last week of "orientation" at the new hospital. There was one night of overlap where the WHOLE family got to be together. It doesn't happen often so we like to take pictures!

Pepaw Pike survived and so did the girls during his week with them. Alexis was very attached to him and by his last night here when everyone else arrived, Alexis would cry if he left the room and would crawl to find him.

It was a fun filled week for them as you can see from the previous blogs and that was just the fun they had while I wasn't at work and at home to capture the pictures. I'm home for the majority of the week this week, just have to go in one day and Hillary comes to care for the girls.....WAHOO! We've missed her soo much~ I'm gonna enjoy this week with the girls before I return back to nights. I am scheduled to work Nov 1st on the hospitals opening night. I can't wait to get back to the bedside and actually take care of patients. M-F work week just isn't for me!

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