Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday

After much debate and the itch for a good bargain I still chose to stay home and not fight the shopping crowds and cold this morning. I saw all the ads prior and saw lots of things on sale that were on my christmas shopping list. I kept debating whether the late night and crowds would be worth the dollar saved. Well, instead I decided to give it a go with online shopping. I stayed up late in the comforts of my own home and tackled the online bargains....wahoo! I am so glad I did! My first stop was Target and I saved 50% on my purchases (dvd's, dvd player for the car, games and leapster 2 games!) ....everything that caught my eye on the print ad I was able to get online. Amazon.Com landed me Brett's christmas present which was just a fluke when I cam across their "lightening deal" and saved mooolah there! The main item(s) I was hoping for was to get Brooklyn a Leapster 2

I got it online at Walmart for $25 once their website opened up for black friday deals as well as a sewing maching for myself $50 (yeap I'm gonna learn to sew and what better way to do then with a new machine that I got on sale!) I am glad I stayed up to shop online because shortly after the websites opened up they were out of stock of nearly everything I bought. Apparently I wasnt the only person that was hoping to stay home and not deal with the black friday crowds. What girl doesn't love a good shopping bargain even better from the comforts of my own home!!!!

Gobble Gobble!!!!

Thanksgiving was spent the 2nd best way I could ever want. My first preference would be with our family of course! But being as our real blood given family live in the midwest, we've been lucky to create our own family away from "real" family here. We're so lucky to have both the Tathams and Rieckes join us to celebrate this holiday and for the most part each Thanksgiving for the past however many years we've been together. Crazy to think that when we first started this celebration of thanksgiving together we didn't have any little kiddos running around, and now about 5 years later, we have 5 kiddos between the 3 familys with one on the way!

We have LOTS to be very thankful for this year. Our home, family, love, health, etc...but today I reminded that I am incredibly thankful also for our friends. They are an extention of our family and we're so lucky to have them in our lives! It's tough being so far away from our family and not having a single family member close by...I reminded that on nearly a daily basis and especially during the holidays. Having our friends here doesn't make being away from family all to hard!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Growing up

Alexis has figured out how to use the sippy cup...but only the ones with the straw.

Brooklyn tries to be like mommmy and daddy and drink water from the bottle..

And she insists we count to 3, while she hides, and then wants us to find her.

Lastly, this little gem turned 1 last week and we celebrated on Saturday! Happy Birthday Ella Bella!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I've been wondering lots lately whether or not Alexis' hair....

will turn out like Brooklyn's

YOu be the judge! So far we're thinking straight!

Brooklyn's hair is darn curly! And coming from me with stick straight hair I still can't get over it....I will be a very sad mommy if she were to lose em ever. You would never guess that her hair is super long. down about 3 inches past her shoulders when it is straight and wet. As much as I love her curls I would like Alexis to have thick straight hair. I can't quite tell whats in the cards for her yet, but I'm leaning towards straight. In my opinion it would be nice to have one curly one straight, but guessing that might be a source of envy between the two when they grow older. I am hoping that the "you want what you don't have" theory won't hold true with the girls!


Of all the toys....


and activities....

our girls have the most fun and exciting thing they find to play with is a puddle of water!

They laughed and splashed in this for nearly an hour. As the puddle started evaporating, I took the hose back out and added more and more. All I was trying to do was hose off the patio to clean it up a bit, never did I think I would stike gold! The only reason we stopped was for nap time. Christmas is going to be easy this year....I wonder if Fisher Price and box up a puddle for us?!

(For our midwest/east coast/everywhere else in the world friends and family...just so you know it's about 80 degrees outside now....not trying to rub it in or anything! It was a brutal summer, we deserve this!)

Monday, November 15, 2010

Stand UP

Action Shots....

Absence Explanation

Since my birthday not even 2 weeks ago I have fully immersed myself in my new Kindle. I have managed to read 2 books already and 25% through with my 3rd. I am reading the 2nd book in "The Hunger Games" series by Suzanne Collins. (Thank for the recommendation from past coworker of mine from Desert...Juli, I know at some point you'll be blog stalking this and catch my shot out!)

I haven't even been good about taking pictures of my girls so I don't have much to share in the way of pictures. Just the ones from my birthday dinner at Cheesecake Factory.

It was a perfect day, and an even perfect end to the evening when Brett picked up a bottle of wine for us to share out on the patio after the girls went to sleep.

The girls are doing well. Brooklyn is no longer my baby and doesn't resemble the baby she once was. She's such a little girl with quite the imagination and spunk. She's that sponge that everyone talks about when their kids hit their toddler age...taking in everything and anything. Bringing up comments she's heard from god knows when. Opinionated on what she wears how her hear is done and what she'll like for a meal. She's really into showing me her "yogarts" (yoga) moves. We've explored mommy and brooklyn yoga very very briefly :). She likes to tell me whats on our agenda for the next going to the park or the bounce house. She loves car rides now cause she likes to point out all the school buses and tell me she wants to go to school or even all the different places Daddy works since there seems to be a Chase on every corner. Funny cause she thinks he's at every single one of them at that moment we drive by and wants me to pull over to see him. She enver ceases to amaze us.

Alexis is just perfect in everyway. I truly mean that and can comfortably say that now. We had a bit of a worry the past few weeks when at her routine 9 month check up the Dr. referred us to a cardiologist. Long Story short after and EKG and ECHO (ultrasound of her heart) everything checked out normal. I would not have normally been worried, but given her lack of weight gain and very petite size it was hard not for me to worry. Since everything is fine we can rest assure that Alexis will just be our little itty bitty girl with a perfectly healthy ticker! She makes her presence known. She's talking and when she's not you know she's getting into trouble...climbing up the stairs getting into the doggie bowls or unrolling the toilet paper. When she gets busted we say "Alexis, uh-uh" which she simutaneously shakes her head no. She's still cruising the furniture and has made no attempts at walking...she'll be a late bloomer there for sure! This past week we've hit all time record though on solo stand time...I think we're up to a minute!

Brett is away on a business trip in Chicago (JEALOUS!!!!!) and I am currently alone to care for the girls. (prompts out to all the single parents out there!) This will only be my second time alone with the girls. I'm hoping it goes by super fast! Although not too fast because these are my days off work. My new job is awesome, any doubts I had about making the switch have disappeared. After 5 yrs of a long commute to work I don't think my 5 mile commute will ever get old. I love the people I work with and the job I do....I look forward to it getting busier! I definitely feel like this is where I am supposed to be right now for work. So there you have it...bad blogger this month, my bad! I hope to finally catch up, although I doubt it...I've got a long to do list that's only getting longer with the holidays coming!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Happy Birthday to ME!

This is what I look like about 31 years ago....

And we all know what I look like now....if not scroll through the blog.

Crazy that I'm celebrated 31 years of life. I've had a pretty blessed life and years ago when I would blow out my candles on my birthday cake I would wish just for the life I have today.

Thank you all for the wishes (I started my celebration yesterday on Facebook since I argue that my birthday is actually yesterday since I was born in the Philippines) I look forward to the day of NO PLANS! I might load the girls up and treat myself to some starbucks but other then that I'm just playing with my girls waiting for the hubbie to get home and then maybe go to dinner.....haven't decided. That's the best part of the day...I can do as I want. Also with no plans I get to play with my new birthay present from Brett.....

Tah Dah!!!! I can pretend that I am technologically savvy caryying this thing around! I love it and couldn't put it down last night! It's a great birthday so far!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010

Since this will be the only time that Alexis can wear this shirt and it actually make sense (At the rate she's growing she'll most likely fit it next year also) we took lots of pictures in it!

Under the Sea at the Stephensons....

On our way out to friend's house for the evening we stopped at Hillary and Jakes so they can see the girls.

A bear, A Witch, The "Scream" guy, Ariel, and Sebastion....

we can't get any more diverse then this!

The little ones riding in style.....

Brooklyn was thrilled at the idea that each house we stopped at she collected more candy!

and when given the choice she'd always pick the lollipop...can you tell her Daddy works at the bank?!

Hope everyone had a very wonderful and safe Halloween. Brooklyn and I burned the extra candy calories this morning by doing Mommy and Me yoga....priceless!