Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010

Since this will be the only time that Alexis can wear this shirt and it actually make sense (At the rate she's growing she'll most likely fit it next year also) we took lots of pictures in it!

Under the Sea at the Stephensons....

On our way out to friend's house for the evening we stopped at Hillary and Jakes so they can see the girls.

A bear, A Witch, The "Scream" guy, Ariel, and Sebastion....

we can't get any more diverse then this!

The little ones riding in style.....

Brooklyn was thrilled at the idea that each house we stopped at she collected more candy!

and when given the choice she'd always pick the lollipop...can you tell her Daddy works at the bank?!

Hope everyone had a very wonderful and safe Halloween. Brooklyn and I burned the extra candy calories this morning by doing Mommy and Me yoga....priceless!

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Ari Kelly said...

I love the tiny white Uggs! I told Seth and he said that sounds like a band name :)