Thursday, November 4, 2010

Happy Birthday to ME!

This is what I look like about 31 years ago....

And we all know what I look like now....if not scroll through the blog.

Crazy that I'm celebrated 31 years of life. I've had a pretty blessed life and years ago when I would blow out my candles on my birthday cake I would wish just for the life I have today.

Thank you all for the wishes (I started my celebration yesterday on Facebook since I argue that my birthday is actually yesterday since I was born in the Philippines) I look forward to the day of NO PLANS! I might load the girls up and treat myself to some starbucks but other then that I'm just playing with my girls waiting for the hubbie to get home and then maybe go to dinner.....haven't decided. That's the best part of the day...I can do as I want. Also with no plans I get to play with my new birthay present from Brett.....

Tah Dah!!!! I can pretend that I am technologically savvy caryying this thing around! I love it and couldn't put it down last night! It's a great birthday so far!

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