Friday, December 3, 2010

Gearing up for the Holidays!

The past weekend we brought Christmas to our house....

We set up the tree and went shopping for gifts...meaning more toys for the girls. Since we're going to be cramming more toys in the house I had to start purging old ones....I packed up the activity center to hand down to a friend at work since Alexis no longer used it. Go figure that when I did, she found a renewed interest in it.

Brooklyn's been painting me some xmas art to hang on the walls.

Spending time with friends and family is part of the Holidays and today Amaya spent the whole day with us so her Mommy and Daddy can move without her Help :). We loved having her here! As you'll see in the pictures it was a fun filled day!

Snack time and playing dress-up

(thank you again Taylor for growing out of all your wonderful toys and handing them down to our you can see they loved all the new toys

Movies and Popcorn....

Playing at the park.....

(Becky- I tried to get the girls to stop rolling in the sand....gross I know, but they were just having soo much fun that I had to take a picture instead!)
It's Christmas time here in AZ! I've come to accept that Christmas may not include snowy cold weather and have learned to love the 70 degree perfect weather....hard, I know!

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