Thursday, December 9, 2010

Holiday Card 2010

Many of you (mostly our outta town friends and family) will be receiving one of these in the mail in the next few days...if not already (USPS was quick to deliver to the Kelly family in Tucson!!!)

The back side includes a quick briefing of all that 2010 had to bring to us. If you are a regular follower of our blog, then you'll know it simply highlights many of the memorable moments we've had this year. I've learn to really appreaciate the value of the "holiday card" through the years. I more or less send ours out in hopes to receive one back. I take the time to read the card and updates as well as proudly display the cards as part of my holiday decoration. With all the new technology, email, blogs, facebook, and such....I hope that sending the a holiday card via snail mail to let someone know you are thinking of them doesn't ever die out. With that said, through the years our computer has taken many hard drive hits causing me to lose information over time. I've tried my best (actually Jamey, Brett, and some random tech savvy teenager) to save what I can from my address book on the computer. I can't say that contact info hasn't stayed up to date or gotten lost so I am pretty sure I have old addresses or totally missing addresses so those people will be missing our holiday card in their 2010 collection. If you are one of those case pleae let me know!

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Ari Kelly said...

Woohoo! Got a mention on your blog :) BTW, I save my address book on Google Docs as a back-up. Thanks again for the card!