Sunday, December 12, 2010

Just us Girls

Saturday morning I braved the shopping scene by myself with both girls...which normally isn't a big to-do in our house...I love to shop so i've managed to find ways to get it done with both girls in tow. The big accomplishment came when I decided that actually having a sit down lunch with both girls would be a good idea and it indeed was!

Mealtimes with both girls isn't always easy to manage when you are flying solo. It's especially hard when we're out in public so on top of successfully feeding both while trying to keep them both entertained without causing a scene. Don't get me wrong they aren't awful misbehaved girls by any means. I just don't like attracting any attention our way and let's face it, getting a 2.5 yr old to sit still in a restaurant all while doing the same for a 10.5 month old isn't an easy task.....SO I THOUGHT....and I thought wrong because Brooklyn and Alexis did incredible. It was a quick lunch, but nonetheless I was able to enjoy a some sushi, brooklyn attacked a full bowl of edamame and Alexis did the same with a bowl of Rice. A successful outing with just me and the girls...lots to be proud of! See below for more blogs regarding our fun filled weekend.....

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