Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Winter Wonderland

You would never have guessed that Brooklyn was born in the AZ sun and heat because she took to the snow like she was born and breed for it. (up until she got ran over by a sled her mommy was riding and then took a face plant in the snow while riding a sled her mommy was pulling...but I wont talk about that...I hope that Brooklyn continues to forget that story, although I doubt my Family will let me forget it) ANYWAY....Brooklyn screamed, literally SCREAMED with excitement when the plane landed in Chicago and all that she saw was miles and miles of white. The rest of the plane heard her excitement, although I doubt they we as thrilled! She was all about the snow. The moment we pulled into my parents place she ran for the snow. We weren't at their place no more then 15 minutes before she was gearing up to tackle the winter wonderland the proper way a Arizonan would...with layers and layers of clothing.

When she got out there she was thrilled to have a real snow ball fight, make snow angels, and made sure to tell us not to eat the yellow snow!

The most exciting part for her was the hill in my parents backyard perfect for sledding....she was even stoked for it the day after our minor mishap of her getting run over.

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