Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Alexis turns 1!

On Sunday our baby girl turned one. Just by a quick glance you would never ever guess that she's one. She's still itty bitty and during her one year check up she measured in at 16 # 9 oz. All is healthy and given the petite frame of her Mommy and her not so Big and Tall Daddy we aren't too concerned. Alexis rang in her first birthday, battling fever cough and runny nose. That didn't stop us from celebrating with the animals! We invited our family, friends, and the local farm animals totake part in her birthday festivities. Alexis was indeed the trooper and partied like an animal! It's hard to imagine life without Alexis even though she joined our family barely a year ago. This year has brought us many many cherished memories.

In the past year our baby girl...

-Traveled to California, North Dakota, Minnesota, and, Chicago (x2)
-Taken 3 round trip plane trips.
-Has taken the "mellow" approach to life and has proven to be the most laid back of our family.
-has very straight dark brown/not quite black hair
-generally wears 6-9 month clothing. Size 2 shoes.
-in a size 3 diaper
-Babbles a ton while throwing in Mama, Dada, and uh oh in the mix.
-Can sign "more" "milk" and occasionally "all done"
-Will clap with excitment when the moment is right
-will give you a high five, but only use one finger.
-Known for her beautiful big brown eyes.
-Has 6 teeth and is proud to show you.
-Loves to stick her tongue out when she's deep in concentration...or any other time.
-She's managed to take 2-3 steps at a time, but would much rather crawl to you and then raise her arms up and plead with you to pick her up using her big brown, give me anything I want, eyes
-Seems to have a fascination with anything Sesame Street and Elmo.
-Sleeps with a monkey binkie, but her must have bedtime item is her White bear with pink heart....I've names Bubba. She's nearly cucked the tag of it.
-Only uses her binkie during sleep time.
-Love her Big sister and tries desperately to keep up with her.
-Has been renamed "Sheasus" and I'd do an official name change if it weren't for Daddy's very permanent tattoo across his side saying "Alexis"
-Has very little complaints and I can truly honestly say she is the most easy going baby I know.
-She's down to 2 naps a day
-Just like her sister she loves her Blueberries.
-She'll eat just about anything you put in front of her....just not when she's under the weather which we've learned the last few days,
-has eaten more then her big sister for many meals, don't doubt her petite size!
-Still trying to master the sippy cup but manages to snags big sisters all th
e time and has no problem sucking quickly before she gets caught.
-Can climb up the stairs....very quickly...if it's quiet and you are looking for her, odds are she managed to make her way upstairs.
-has figued out how to climb down the steps.
-loves to play in the kitchen cupboards, and has figured out exactly which one's child proof locks are broke.
-loves to play with the stuff in the fridge makes a mad crawling dash for it when it's open.
-Is probably the only 1 year old that can comfortably fit in her infant car seat and I can still carry around.
-If we're singing a song she'll be sure to keep singing even when the rest of us has stopped.
-Did I mention how easy going, laid back and mellow she is?!
-She can pull her self up on the toddler chairs or big sis's bed with no problem.
-loves playing in momma's jewelry armoire.
-her momma and daddy constantly stare at her and are awed at how beautiful she is.
-She has the luckiest Momma, Daddy and Big Sister EVER!

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