Saturday, January 15, 2011

Busy Bees!!!!!!

As the girls get older we get busier and busier....

we're still here and I have meaning to do alot of blogging, but haven't gotten a free moment til right this second. And the freedom only came because the parent's are in town visiting us and keeping the girls occupied.

Thank Heaven for Grandparents. The biggest subejct at hand right now is that our lil miss Sheasus turns 1 tomorrow!!!

We are doing birthday party at a local farm (petting zoo, hay rides, and pony rides!) for the kids and can't wait to share the pictures and stories of the fabulous day. Unfortunately Miss Sheasus is battling a minor cold, but her spirits are still high and she buzzing around like the true busy bee that she is. So stay tuned for highlights of Alexis' 1st Birthday celebration as well as tidbits of the last 2 weeks in the Stephneson household!

Oh and news flash!!! Alexis finally started taking steps on her own....not officially a walker, but can say she was at least taking steps before she turned one!

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