Saturday, January 1, 2011

Chicagoland Family

If you haven't figured it out already by reading past blog entries Brett, the girls, and I were able to travel back to Chicago to spend the Christmas holidays with our family there. We were gone for a week. Since I moved here 8 years ago Christmas day I haven't been back to Chicago for the actual day of Christmas. Hospitals don't seem to be able to close for the holidays so it's never been easy to plan a trip there over Christmas. So when we finally got the chance this year traveling there became the highlight of all our planned trips. I just love going back to Chicago spending time with my family and of course driving and walking down memory lane. The girls love love love spending time with their family.
Pepaw being attacked by all the the kiddos.

Alexis happy as a clam with Memaw at Bob Chinns

Baby Cousin Isaac....4 months younger then Alexis, but about 4 lbs heavier :)

Brooklyn had new playmates to entertain her left and right....this time it was Jed's turn.

Brooklyn and Memaw cuddle time.

Brooklyn had a blast exploring new things, playing with different toys and making up new games with Memaw.

Alexis had her share in the fun too....

Alexis, hogging the attention of Ria, which is Brooklyn's bestie while we are in Chicago.

Auntie Rose got cuddle time with Alexis...who of course is happy with anyone and anything....SOOOO easy going!

Of course, since Brett was on vacation too the whole week that meant he got to have some quality time with his girls as well.

Just because we weren't with Jamey, Michael and Marcus doesn't mean that they'll be no video game playing....where there's a Stephenson on vacation there's a video game console close by

Good times......good times!

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