Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I exist.

I was very sad that last week when I realized I had no pictures of me and my itty bitty on her first birthday. I was too busy taking everyone else's pictures as well as nursing Brett and Ms. Itty Bitty back to health. I would have never ever thought that this would bother me, but a few days after as I was going through the pictures of the blessed event and I didn't see a single picture of me and my baby.....until yesterday.

Thankfully I had friends that were thoughtful enough, snapped a couple pics, and shared it on Facebook. I can't thank you enough Amy for really made my day! One day when Alexis looks back at her pictures I want her to be able to see me there and present too. I know sounds crazy, but maybe we'll be able to share a good laugh at how crazy I looked, or what was I thinking wearing that outfit or even wearing my hair like that? (I really hope deep down that it's Brett's new years resolution to take the camera from my hand, and snap pictures of me and the girls....just a suttle hint....)

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