Sunday, February 27, 2011


I've been a huge fan of this online shopping website lately....

They've been around for a years now and I haven't the slightest idea why I haven't gotten hooked any earlier. I love AMAZON. I started getting hooked when I got my Kindle for my birthday. It's now become my priority on-line shopping website. I especially love their suscribe and save program because it saves me 30%! And now I've been able to do their prime membership scoring me free shipping in 2 days for the next year. I do have to credit my friend Nicole for showing me the saving ways. I've been able to score some pretty cheap diapers through them and we all know how pricey that can be. And with 2 kids it's double the diaper cost. Doesn't help that I'm a Pampers snob and insisting on a pricier brand. But I do love me some Pampers....

Thankfully only Alexis is in diapers now and Brooklyn uses pull ups only at night. I'll be glad when Alexis is out of diapers, but for now I can pride myself in paying 7.99 for 128 pampers size 4 diapers. Alexis isn't in size 4 yet, but my house is probably fully stocked with Size 3's already. I've gotten boxes stacked to the ceiling. Funny because when the doorbell rings Brooklyn tells me before I even open it, "Mommy, more diapers!"

I did manage to shop a little for myself as surprise there. I'm way over due on new work shoes since my last pair I got over 2.5 years ago. I've been eyeing the Dansko shoes. Hestitant on buying all this time since they normally sell for about $120 dollars. I wasn't going to make that purchase on the chance that I might hate the shoe....until I found myself this option....

One of the perks of being little with little feet...I can wear kids shoes! And wouldn't you know, Dansko makes kids shoes. I scored this brand new pair for only $37! Definitely worth the pennies I spent and I don't have to feel guilty shelling an arm and a leg out for new work shoes.

Brett of course was not to be left out of our latest shopping. He was due for new work suits, since his new job requires him in a black suit 5-6 days a week a little investment had to be planned.

We all know the couple of hundreds of dollars one suit can set someone back. Ouch! Well Our next thrifty purchase unfortunately did not come from Amazon, but rather a local Phoenix shop. Brett scored 4 brand new suits for 295! (I think the total with tax and hemming/tailor was somewhere around $360) Holy SAVINGS batman!

We are a happier household with a few more pennies in our pocket....However, I'll leave out the dollars spent on re-decorating Brooklyn's room, my ongoing project of the month.....I even busted out my brand new Sewing maching from the box for this project!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Brooklyn's been fascinated with the Ice Cream every day she listens very closely for it and makes a mad dash for the front door. I give in and get suckered into getting ripped off on the $2.00 frozen treat shaped like Dora.

It's hard to say no to her...especially when she's my awesome toddler that let's me nap for a few hours while she entertains herself very quietly. Now if only Starbucks can monopolize on this idea and send a Coffee truck through the Neighborhood it might be that much of a better afternoon.

I seriously can't resist this face.....

Apparently Daddy can't resist them either...spoiling them with roses.

Brooklyn likes to hide from her Daddy when he comes home....Alexis has picked up on the game as well....although her hiding spots aren't always as discreet.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Still here...

I've been MIA from blogging lately because the last few weeks have been incredibly busy. I got in a couple over time shifts at work. Brett's was away in Chicago for work and we've been interviewing for a new nanny. Score...we found one! She's the sister of a girl Brett works with AND she lives 3 houses down from us. BONUS! Between her and the my other random "go to" girls I think we'll have our childcare needs covered. Hillary is still coming by every so often and we'd be glad to take her any chance we get because she's definitely been the girls favorite so far. Also one of the Aides that I work with at the Hospital has graciously offered to help out when she can and I know she'll be fan-tab-ulous as well. The girls will love Ericka because they share a mutual love for Ariel!

A Bears dominated household...I'm surprised Daddy is even willing to hold and play with the girls in their outifts....but then again, how can you resist these girls?!

Sheasus is finally walking, but still much rather crawl. She has to be prompted to do so.

She'd much rather crawl and attempt sommersaults....

She's talking a little bit more, saying her version of Thank You..."tay-tu" and Bye bye...."bi- doo doo" I think the doo doo part is her talk for Deuce....cause she often just tells him Bye.

Brooklyn loves to be Mommy's little helper. She helped out making our valentines day treats....I wonder why....

My new Obsession

I *heart* you Nutella! Why haven't you been introduced to my life a long time ago?

Thursday, February 10, 2011


Our girls like to hang out with each other. As they both get older they both get closer.
We've made the decision to start Brooklyn in preschool this coming fall. She was on a waitlist at one of the local school and was offered the spot for this next school year. I am sure Sheasus will miss her buddy though! Brooklyn is very excited to go to school though. Whenever I'm getting ready to go somewhere she tells me she has to get ready to go to school. I am excited to see how much she learns! She constantly cracks us up with the comments that come out of her mouth. She's finally potty trained (minus night time) with just handful of accidents. My saving grace was the realization that I don't have to use public restrooms...I'll spare you the details, but we do have a fabulous set-up in the back of our Armada! Our project this month is re-doing her room so she can have a real big girl bed.

Sheasus is awesome as always. So easy going, go with the flow girl. We've taken her off of the bottle and she's doing well with the sippy cup as you can see by the picture above. She loves signing more, milk, and all done. She'll sing along with us. Getting braver by the day with her step taking, but still much rather crawl. Still itty bitty, but that's the way we love her!!!

Monday, February 7, 2011

here we go....again!

so it seems that about once a year we go through this and have to find a replacement for our nanny. A few months ago we made the decision to look for someone to replace our most FAVORITE nanny Hillary so she can dedicate more time to her Masters program. It was very tough to have to phase someone else into our lives, but we knew that we were eventually heading that way. It sucked, and I sobbed, but thankfully it wasn't too bad of a transition because Hillary still is able to help us out when we are in a bind. The girls, Brett and I obviously adore her so much, but we at least still have her friendship! Turns out the girl we replaced her with, Liz, was great also. Brooklyn affectionally calls her Lizard and now so do we. All was great until she gave us a 2 week notice because she found a full time job. UGHHH, SUCKS! I don't blame her, but still sucks. Our biggest obstacle in finding a good nanny is that we only require part time help one day a week. So we're putting the word out there again. If you know of anyone interested in helping care for the 2 most precious things in our life...please let me know! SEND THEM OUR WAY!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Miss Little Piggy

Closest thing to pigtails we can get for itty bitty....a little ridulous, but nonetheless, makes me laugh!