Monday, February 7, 2011

here we go....again!

so it seems that about once a year we go through this and have to find a replacement for our nanny. A few months ago we made the decision to look for someone to replace our most FAVORITE nanny Hillary so she can dedicate more time to her Masters program. It was very tough to have to phase someone else into our lives, but we knew that we were eventually heading that way. It sucked, and I sobbed, but thankfully it wasn't too bad of a transition because Hillary still is able to help us out when we are in a bind. The girls, Brett and I obviously adore her so much, but we at least still have her friendship! Turns out the girl we replaced her with, Liz, was great also. Brooklyn affectionally calls her Lizard and now so do we. All was great until she gave us a 2 week notice because she found a full time job. UGHHH, SUCKS! I don't blame her, but still sucks. Our biggest obstacle in finding a good nanny is that we only require part time help one day a week. So we're putting the word out there again. If you know of anyone interested in helping care for the 2 most precious things in our life...please let me know! SEND THEM OUR WAY!

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