Thursday, February 10, 2011


Our girls like to hang out with each other. As they both get older they both get closer.
We've made the decision to start Brooklyn in preschool this coming fall. She was on a waitlist at one of the local school and was offered the spot for this next school year. I am sure Sheasus will miss her buddy though! Brooklyn is very excited to go to school though. Whenever I'm getting ready to go somewhere she tells me she has to get ready to go to school. I am excited to see how much she learns! She constantly cracks us up with the comments that come out of her mouth. She's finally potty trained (minus night time) with just handful of accidents. My saving grace was the realization that I don't have to use public restrooms...I'll spare you the details, but we do have a fabulous set-up in the back of our Armada! Our project this month is re-doing her room so she can have a real big girl bed.

Sheasus is awesome as always. So easy going, go with the flow girl. We've taken her off of the bottle and she's doing well with the sippy cup as you can see by the picture above. She loves signing more, milk, and all done. She'll sing along with us. Getting braver by the day with her step taking, but still much rather crawl. Still itty bitty, but that's the way we love her!!!

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