Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Miss Little Piggy

Closest thing to pigtails we can get for itty bitty....a little ridulous, but nonetheless, makes me laugh!


Casey said...

So cute Mae! I love how straight her hair is verses Brooklyn's curly. Like I said, although frustrating we are really getting there with the potty training. He does still nap, at first he would wait all day until we put his naptime pull-up on before going to the bathroom. No matter what we would do, he just wouldn't go. So we told him he wasn't going to get one anymore and has been doing great. The last week when running errands he's gone with only underware and hasn't had an accident, or even used a public restroom (thankfully), and this morning he woke up with a dry pull-up and went to the bathroom right after waking! So we're getting there! I would love to get together, I generally work thurs, fri and sat, so if your ever free at the beginning of the week let me know. And PS - Baby #3 is due September 26th ;) I've been dying to post it, but just want to wait a couple more weeks. HAve a great day Mae...I guess I could have just sent you an email :)

Starring Brooklyn and Alexis said...