Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Brooklyn's been fascinated with the Ice Cream every day she listens very closely for it and makes a mad dash for the front door. I give in and get suckered into getting ripped off on the $2.00 frozen treat shaped like Dora.

It's hard to say no to her...especially when she's my awesome toddler that let's me nap for a few hours while she entertains herself very quietly. Now if only Starbucks can monopolize on this idea and send a Coffee truck through the Neighborhood it might be that much of a better afternoon.

I seriously can't resist this face.....

Apparently Daddy can't resist them either...spoiling them with roses.

Brooklyn likes to hide from her Daddy when he comes home....Alexis has picked up on the game as well....although her hiding spots aren't always as discreet.

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Elizabeth said...

I WANNA STARBUCK TRUCK!!!! ME TOO!! ME TOO!! Your Icee Keam Truck (as Elijah would say) charges 2 bucks?! What a rip off! Ours is cheap..a buck! My mom sends Elijah $1 bills every once in a thrill, LOL! Then there is truck...what would they charge? Probably 6 bucks for a venti teehee!