Friday, March 11, 2011


Brooklyn has given up naps now for quite some time....over the last few months. With that said you would think that a 2.5 year old lacking the naps would then have no problem falling asleep at night. Not our night owl. Lately it's been a struggle and she's been staying up way past us...I'm taking 11pm doing lord knows what. Brett found her the other night passed out on the floor next to our bed. So our dilemma is if we wake her up early in the morning in hopes that she will then be tired at night and go to bed at a decent hour she's then super super crabby in the morning. We also run into the battle of letting her nap because then she's super tired if she gets up too early in the morning and then ends up sneaking in a nap like this....

and then we know we end up with an all night party in Brooklyn's room. Even when she simply sneaks in a 25 min nap she's up way too late. So we don't encourage her to nap since I know it's just going to be a bigger problem at night. Up until a few months ago she was great about having a schedule and a routine, but lately it's not that way. We've even resorted to letting her watch her DVD player in her room to get her to settle at night since she's just a ball full of energy come bedtime. So my goal is to get her back on a routine, and get her back on a decent sleeping schedule....we just have to play around and figure out what works best with her in terms of when to get her up in the AM and when to start or bedtime routine.


Elizabeth said...

What a pain! Why can't toddlers just do what we want them too, right? We are battling the nap issue now too. Elijah sometimes takes a nap, sometimes doesn't...we play it by ear. He usually just tells me he's not tired and then I find him asleep on the floor by his trains or he's even fallen asleep at the table eating lunch. I am SOOOO thankful that he is a good night time sleeper though...bed at 9pm (which I think is kinda late myself) up at 9am.

JC somewhereinthe world said...

Mistakenly came by your blog when clicking next on my friends & since I adore children started reading --sooo cute! Anyway, just wanted to mention that these can help with sleep:
*Consider continuing regular naps as she's young yet - children learn to sleep --set reasonable schedules
*Keep her eyes from electronic lights --they can affect sleep patterns, ie. computers, etc, allowing time to wind down before sleep & keep room dark as possible
* Develop a soothing ritual before sleep, like a gentle forehead &/or back rub
* Use classical lulliby type music-surprisingly most music today & other media is highly/overly stimulating -- it buzzes them up!
* Oh and meals!Food/snack contents can encourage unrest especially when allergic tendencies present-- corn syrup, color added--Use of whole food ingredients or just fresh from the garden basic unprocessed nor refined keeps calm control abiliy (Dairy products & meat stimulate (Too high fat intake can cause adult sluggishness-slows the circulation)
* Make sure she gets a run-a-round time (lots of fresh air helps) outside every day minimally 20 min.
* Help her to feel more secure by spending more one on one time with each parent asking questions & talking about how much she is loved, valued & a uniquely special gift!!
Truly these children are heaven sent ;)..Sweet dreams!