Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Rocky Mountain Get-Away

Alexis and I took a weekend trip to visit our friends the Green family in Denver this past weekend. Brooklyn stayed behind with Daddy for some daddy/daughter bonding and awesome playdates with her besties. I have to admit that life was sooo easy carting around one child vs. my normal 2, but would never wish for that. I love both my girls, just nice to have a break from having 2 to worry about. Alexis and I had a great time. The flights were uneventful and Alexis slept the whole way on the way there and on the way home, enjoyed having her own seat. Alexis had fun with her boyfriend Noah. We went to the pool one day, the zoo, lunch in Boulder, shopping, sight-seeing, and most importantly enjoyed catching up with Keri, Rick, and Noah.

Thank You Keri Rick and Noah for the wonderful weekend away! We can't wait to make it back for some tasty the meantime I'll work on some research

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