Sunday, April 3, 2011

Just like Big Sis!

Brooklyn's been potty trained for a few months now so just like big sis does, Sheasus wants to do also. Everytime we fold laundry Sheasus insists she'll wear big girl panties as wel....

She just wears them on her head.
On the Potty Training note...I am hoping that the last few nights with Brooklyn was the last time she wears pull-ups. She's woken herself up the past few nights insisting on going pee on the big girl potty and then she does and it leaves for a dry pull up in the morning. I can already see the saved $$$ on diapers and pull ups adding up! (Oh and Rockstar me paid $20 dollars on 720 pampers wipes and 176 pampers diapers. Normally a $55-60 purchase!!! GO ME! Love me some Amazon!)

For doing so well with night time pottying, Brooklyn scored herself some new golf clubs.....

We gotta work on her swing! Please excuse the backyard. I finally gpt it cleaned up and mowed yesteday after the pics were taken so I'll have to post and blog later for proof!

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