Monday, May 30, 2011

Seaport Village

Another tourist Destination, but a must for this Stephenson family. This years visit we were accompanied with my Parents as well as Keri and Noah

A ride on the carousel...which happend twice this year since we visited 2 times.

Memaw and Brooklyn, checking out the different animals one person had displayed

Enjoying dinner at the Village

This one....enjoying a nice nap during dinner

Sunday, May 29, 2011

La Jolla

More California pictures....La Jolla....such a beautiful place....

Coronado Island

One of our all time favorite places to visit and stay while we are in Southern California. Brett and I first started visiting here when we first started dating. 2001 was our time. So glad to be able to come here with my little girls and my family.

Love this next picture....someone needs to not wear socks....

Brooklyn and Sheasus having a BLAST in the sand.

At the Hotel Del Coronado enjoying drinks and people watching

Memaw and the Birth(weekend) girl

Taking a walk....

Friday, May 27, 2011

May 23 2011

Brooklyn's Big birthday started off with a trip to Legoland California where we met my Bestie, Keri and her lil man Noah.

We road lots and lots of rides and for the interest in time (which I seem to have very little of these days...I'm just going to post all the pictures from legoland in random order, leaving out written details...cuz lets face it...very FEW of you actually read what I have to write and know about all my spelling ad grammatical errors.


After Legoland we headed back to the hotel where lots and lots of presents awaited the birthday girl.

Then we hit up the dinner by the Pier....yummy, fresh seafood, what every 3 yr old wants for her birthday dinner....or an Ice Cream Sundae

What a way to ring in her 3rd birthday huh? She had no problem crashing that night...