Monday, May 9, 2011


For our upcoming 4 year wedding anniversary Brett gave me options for my gift. The first 2, although incredibly thoughtful, not necessary in my of which was a chanel purse that I've had my eye on for years that would most likely be filled with sippy cups, diapers and wipes not a pratical accessory to have in this stage of my life. I opted for the Ipad 2.

I've been bugging for a laptop for years now especially since getting any computer stuff done at home requires the girls to be down for their naps and me trapped in the office. Not practical. So Brett did me one better and got me the IPad 2. As you can see from my previous blogs, I've been loving my new IPAD!

Thankfully I didn't have to make a choice for my mother's day present...instead the girls and Brett got me a new Willow Tree figurine, flowers and the afternoon free from worry, sipping cocktails and laying poolside witn good Friends, Becky and Summer. Brett prepared dinner for me later that night. It was a perfect mommy's day! Can't wait til next year :)

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