Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My Filipina(s)

She may only be half....but half is better then none! My Little Filipina enjoying her pancit...she even loved crispy pata....amazing she's only 18 lbs...

Just in case you're curious where she's storing it....

She has plenty to grow to fill big sister's shoes....

Brooklyn loves her shoes....especially her UGGs plus knee highs. This is what you get when you ask our 3 yr old to dress herself

Not really appropriate for the high sweltering heat we've been experiencing lately. But she certainly knows how to rock a hot pair of boots!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Keeping Cool

Summer has finally hit here in AZ which means 100 plus degrees. And similar to growing up in the blistering cold midwest winter we try not to leave our house during this extreme weather. Thankfully the girls are really into having popsicles....I thought about having them eat them outside, but I'm afraid they'll melt before they get the chance to enjoy them.

We have also taken up lots and lots of coloring.

And then Brooklyn has been allowed to have her friends over for Sleepovers now.

See...we're keeping ourselves entertained!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Busy busy Busy....

This month has been incredibly busy. Not quite sure with specifically what...but it just has...and crazy that it's already mid June!

Earlier this monthe we celebrated Deuce's 6th Birthday...

Sheasus hit another Stephenson Milestone...
The ponytail...

She was all smiles...

And together they had a dance party.

The girls do very well together playing which leaves for one HAPPY HAPPY Momma....they play and entertain each other and I get free time to accomplish things.

So there you have it! Girls are growing up (Sheasus not so much in size)and Brett and I are busy keeping up. We have vacations planned for the end of the summer. Brooklyn is starting school in August. We've been working on letter recognition and everyday we pick a different letter...and have scavenger hunts on finding that letter. I used flashcards with her months ago to help teach her words and now I am having a hard time teaching her the actual letter cause instead she sees the letter A and says...Apple. F she says Fish. G is Grapes....and so on and so forth. You get my point. She continues to love love love her dance class. Alexis is now 17 months old and finally has her 8th tooth. Talking more now.
Sheasus Vocabulary Dictionary
Mulkkkkkk....Milk (Huge emphasis on the K)
So she has her select vocab but her understanding of most words is even greater. I can tell her to put things away, pick things up, go find things. turn things on and off. Close and open doors. Slowly and surely the girls will be having conversations with each other...I can only imagine the things they'll chat about!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sick Call....

Unfortunately my past 5 days that I had off weren't blessed with rest and relaxation.

Take your pick...the above image could either be Me or Alexis. Saturday was a trip to the doctor because poor Alexis had a fever for 3 days. Lost 1/2 a lb, and we all know she doesn't have much to spare. She has a sore throat on top of molars and teeth that have been working their way thru...leaves for a VERY unhappy child.

Completely out of Character for her. Then on Sunday led to a trip to the ER for me. After spending all day in bed or head in the toilet I caved and went to the ER because I knew the dehyrdation had gotten bad enough when my hands and legs got numb. Liters of fluid and Potassium replacement later I was discharged home with one tired husband who sat by me while at the ER. Then Monday came with 3 doctor visits for both me and Alexis. Thankfully Brett was able to take the day off and come with. Long story short, Alexis will be just fine...she fighting a viral bug. I on the other hand...we're still not sure what's up with me. I've past my GI bug, but I've been battling periodic episodes of dizziness for months/years now which seems to be the big issue now for me. It was always tolerable until Monday night. Monday the episode came and NEVER went. As I sit her typing away I feel a very fine vibration feeling in my head. I KNOW...WEIRD! it's the best way I can describe it. The closest feeling I can relate it to is being on a cruise and having the motion sickness without wanting to vomit.

That's how I basically feel. BLEGH! I do notice that the symptoms aren't as exagerated when I'm busy doing things....probably cause I don't have time to notice. Nice huh?! Good thing I have plenty to keep me busy at home. Needless to say I hope to have a resolution to this soon.