Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sick Call....

Unfortunately my past 5 days that I had off weren't blessed with rest and relaxation.

Take your pick...the above image could either be Me or Alexis. Saturday was a trip to the doctor because poor Alexis had a fever for 3 days. Lost 1/2 a lb, and we all know she doesn't have much to spare. She has a sore throat on top of molars and teeth that have been working their way thru...leaves for a VERY unhappy child.

Completely out of Character for her. Then on Sunday led to a trip to the ER for me. After spending all day in bed or head in the toilet I caved and went to the ER because I knew the dehyrdation had gotten bad enough when my hands and legs got numb. Liters of fluid and Potassium replacement later I was discharged home with one tired husband who sat by me while at the ER. Then Monday came with 3 doctor visits for both me and Alexis. Thankfully Brett was able to take the day off and come with. Long story short, Alexis will be just fine...she fighting a viral bug. I on the other hand...we're still not sure what's up with me. I've past my GI bug, but I've been battling periodic episodes of dizziness for months/years now which seems to be the big issue now for me. It was always tolerable until Monday night. Monday the episode came and NEVER went. As I sit her typing away I feel a very fine vibration feeling in my head. I KNOW...WEIRD! it's the best way I can describe it. The closest feeling I can relate it to is being on a cruise and having the motion sickness without wanting to vomit.

That's how I basically feel. BLEGH! I do notice that the symptoms aren't as exagerated when I'm busy doing things....probably cause I don't have time to notice. Nice huh?! Good thing I have plenty to keep me busy at home. Needless to say I hope to have a resolution to this soon.

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