Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Between a rock and a hard place

Actually it's technically b/w the wall and Sheasus' crib....that's where I found my baby during what should have been her nap. It was a heart attack parenting moment, one of very few I hope to ever have, but comes with the parenting territory I am learning. Thankfully she was fine, just found herself in a jam...literally. She was able to climb outta her crib a few days ago so I lowered the crib to it's lowest position....keep in mind my child is the size of a 9 month old. Since obviously this afternoon event has proven it to be ineffective I've resorted to this....

I've moved the crib to be flush up to the wall so she won't find herself in that predicament again and flipped the crib to hopefully prevent her from escaping. (I learned that trick from an old Gilmore girls episode! I knew all those reruns would come In handy one day!) So my dilemma now is how long before I succumb to the toddler bed? Thankfully she's soo tiny and can't even reach the door handle....but that's just my mind she's still too little to be given the freedom of a toddler bed. Alexis has definitely stepped up her monkey business games. That girl has proven she can get into anything and her bitty size isn't gonna stop her....she's seriously so darn cute though it's hard to get mad!

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