Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Coupon Madness

It's no secret I love to shop so when it came down to shopping all while saving oodles of pennies and scoring free stuff I was all in! I've learned over the past few months the secrets of coupon shopping and I've become an addict. Yes saving a dollar for a rainy day is always the ultimate goal, however when there is a challenge on finding the best deal and seeing the percent you saved at the check out line there is a Lil bit of a rush and excitement there as well. Brett often groans at the post shopping trip phone call when I ask him to guess how much I's happens with every trip where I call gitty with the 60% savings in my pocket...and Brett tells me he doesn't need to know every single time.

Here's a look at my world as of late

Paper towels scored at nearly half the cost if not free... The 10 bottles of laundry detergent all paid less then 2 dollars for.... Brands ranging from tide to purex.

Vitamin water.... All free.

Nivea lotion free, razors free, and Bath and Body work lotion less then 2.00 a bottle.

Colgate toothpaste free and Crest at a dollar

body washes, shampoo and conditioners.... All probably at the average savings of 75%.

Definitely not extreme couponing status, but there is definite ease in our pocket books!!!!

Okay so not only am I saving pennies for the rainy day (or upcoming vacations and indulgences... Which I have plenty of) I am also stocking up for that rainy day. Hey, we work hard for our money so if I can save money one place to put towards other things like stay cations, gifts for the girls, new set of golf clubs...hmm!? or my iPad then why not right?!

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