Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Hanging on

I often joke that our family room couch is older then mine and Brett's 11 year relationship, but the statement is 100% true. I think Brett's had the couch 13 years and we were overdue for a new one like 5 hrs ago....

You know it's time to part with the couch when Buzz lightyear and Brooklyn would rather sit without the back cushions. Given that financing a new couch should not be the issue....see previous blog.....i just cant bring myself to replace the old thing while the girls are still so young with many yrs left to tear up a couch... Better this one then a new one right? So for now I'm gonna keep hanging on....til I simply can't stand the misshapen back cushions, tears, milk and juice stains, embedded fruit snacks on the underneath cushion. I'll just Febreeze it right Keri??!

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