Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Confession Wednesday

I"m turning into a hoarder....ok, maybe not as bad as those depicted on TV since I dont stockpile trash, but rather household grocery and personal items that I scored for dirt cheap. I am coupon CRAZY. Today's Daily deals.....

SO here's the breakdown...
7 bottles of shampoo (herbal essense and Pantene)
6 bottles of conditioner (we have ALOT of hair in this house...this wil be used within months)
5 gillete bodywash
6 secret detergent (Holy hell its hot here....those around me will thank me!)
3 jars of planters PB
4 jars of Nutella....I had to restrain myself from purchasing more
4 bags of tyson chkn nuggets....Girls live on these.
3 bottles of dishwashing soap
pack of Toilet paper....a toddler isn't conservative with TP use...and i am OK with that!
4 bottles of Laundry Detergent.
not picture are the 2 bags of Cascade Dish detergent packs.
Value of just over $200...after nearly $90 saved in coupons coupled with store sales I paid $75.
When I save more then I pay I'm a happy consumer :)
I have a feeling that my hoarding tendencies are rubbing off on Brooklyn. She's puppy OBSESSED and has gathered quite the collection. I forget what the last total count was, but somehow we've managed to climb to about 41. Good part is that when coming up with activities for Brooklyn and her friend Amaya to do a scavenger hunt for all the puppies in the house kept them enterained for quite some time!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


so far i can report that operation cribless home has gone down without a hitch. Sheasus has always been an easy going child and this milestone proves such. Naps and bedtime were no different then any other night...crawled right into bed, grabbed her bear and her monkey and said "nigh nigh" SCORE! So easy going, go with the flow kind of girl! It wasn't this easy with Brooklyn....i can recall many nights of locking her in her room only to find her passed out at the doorway because she cried herself to sleep there. I was prepared for this...we got lucky.

Sheasus has also been bulking up her vocab lately...

Sheese....Sister or Shoes
Cheese...String cheese
Oh eh it
Tay U....Thank you
uh oh....uh ohhhhh
cues me...Excuse me
wel well....welcome
pee ah...peace out
nayh nayh...night night
ehs's hot
Jesseee...Jessie or anything/character from Toy Story

Okay, that's all I can think of right now. She's doing well and we're having fun seeing her pick up new words every day!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

tiny milestone

I don't know why I thought today should be the day to try Alexis in her toddler girl bed....but I did. Never once would I have thought at 19 months she'd be ready....but my gut told me that today she would be.

I found that making these milestones in the past were more successful when unplanned and spur of the moment. I'll let you know in a few day if that holds true. ( I work the next 2 nites so it'll be Brett having to re install the side of a crib if we fail this attempt....maybe secretly that's why I thought tonight would be good :)!)

She is also still too short to open the doors so I am hoping that is to our advantage. At least she won't be escaping the confines of her room.
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Friday, August 26, 2011

Mommy photo shoot

Brooklyn loves to take pics with the iPad.... Normally puppy is her model. .... This time mommy was..

not bad for a 3 yr old....

Apparently she'd rather be behind the lens... Not to thrilled to be photographed.

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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Yellow is not my color.

26 yrs ago my family and I were in a car accident. There was heart breaking loss and injuries and I'm reminded daily every time I look in the mirror. part of the residuals of my injuries are a scar on my chin that was minimized years ago with plastic surgery. I also knocked out the top four of my teeth. My adult teeth eventually grew in but the root of one remained damaged. Through the years my front tooth grew more yellow and "necrotic." i couldnt hide it in any pictures.

It was always a cosmetic fix I wanted but was placed on the back burner and never a priority. Until this past week. I started to get bad I couldn't put it off any longer. A trip to a dentist and endodontis,extensive root canal, sick calls, pain meds, antibiotics, and a crown later I can finally smile more confidently and bigger.

I am proud of my teeth and smile again! Two yrs in braces...I better be!
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Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Wish me luck....I'm gonna have some dental work done later today. Know the saying..."I'd rather have a root canal done?" Well what do you say when you're having a dental procedure?

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


So i know I've neglected the blog the past few weeks. The Girls and I took a much needed vacation to Chicago last week. As you can see they have a rogh life and needed to get away

So we spent 7 wonderful days in Chicago. Running around the metropolitan area seeing family and friends as well as getting some good old quality bonding time.

Brooklyn even learned the skill of landscaping....made for a truly Proud Pepaw

When we got back home I had to deal with major dental issues so blogging again took a backseat. I'm back to normal ('s another blog for another time) and counting the days til my next Vacation. VEGAS here I come!
In the meantime I've done the much needed blog updating (and stalking) so scroll down to read about our Chicago adventures. Brett is left out from our Chicago adventure but instead went to Philly with his friend Brady, aka Rubber. Here are the only pictures I have to document their trip.


In random order....

Mosquite Bites and Corn

My love hate relationship with Illinois summer. Love the Corn, HATE the you can see Alexis feels the same way


My Parents live in a beautiul home with a beautiful outdoor living space. We lived it up a few nights by the fire. Roasting "smarsh-mellows" and making "mores" all while battling the mosquitos.


Need I say more? What 3 year old asks for her own Coach purse?! Mine of course and Memaw of course bought her one.

Every Little Girls Dream

Memaws main purpose for taking the girls downtown was to take them to the American Girl Doll store. Seriously....crazy the things they have for the these little girl dolls. Not only were there 2 floors of shopping there's also a hair salon, hospital, photo studio, bakery and restuarant. CRAZY I tell you, but every little girls heaven.

Part of the American Doll Experience was having high tea. Even Ike-y got in on the is one happy Memaw.

Auntie Sheri and Auntie Rachelle and Ria even came for the fun!

My Girls have quite the obsession with Toy Story....can you tell?

See...every girls dream....even Woody was in heaven.