Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Confession Wednesday

I"m turning into a hoarder....ok, maybe not as bad as those depicted on TV since I dont stockpile trash, but rather household grocery and personal items that I scored for dirt cheap. I am coupon CRAZY. Today's Daily deals.....

SO here's the breakdown...
7 bottles of shampoo (herbal essense and Pantene)
6 bottles of conditioner (we have ALOT of hair in this house...this wil be used within months)
5 gillete bodywash
6 secret detergent (Holy hell its hot here....those around me will thank me!)
3 jars of planters PB
4 jars of Nutella....I had to restrain myself from purchasing more
4 bags of tyson chkn nuggets....Girls live on these.
3 bottles of dishwashing soap
pack of Toilet paper....a toddler isn't conservative with TP use...and i am OK with that!
4 bottles of Laundry Detergent.
not picture are the 2 bags of Cascade Dish detergent packs.
Value of just over $200...after nearly $90 saved in coupons coupled with store sales I paid $75.
When I save more then I pay I'm a happy consumer :)
I have a feeling that my hoarding tendencies are rubbing off on Brooklyn. She's puppy OBSESSED and has gathered quite the collection. I forget what the last total count was, but somehow we've managed to climb to about 41. Good part is that when coming up with activities for Brooklyn and her friend Amaya to do a scavenger hunt for all the puppies in the house kept them enterained for quite some time!

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