Tuesday, August 23, 2011


So i know I've neglected the blog the past few weeks. The Girls and I took a much needed vacation to Chicago last week. As you can see they have a rogh life and needed to get away

So we spent 7 wonderful days in Chicago. Running around the metropolitan area seeing family and friends as well as getting some good old quality bonding time.

Brooklyn even learned the skill of landscaping....made for a truly Proud Pepaw

When we got back home I had to deal with major dental issues so blogging again took a backseat. I'm back to normal (somewhat...it's another blog for another time) and counting the days til my next Vacation. VEGAS here I come!
In the meantime I've done the much needed blog updating (and stalking) so scroll down to read about our Chicago adventures. Brett is left out from our Chicago adventure but instead went to Philly with his friend Brady, aka Rubber. Here are the only pictures I have to document their trip.

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