Saturday, October 15, 2011

2 pats on my back

In college I worked at a fabulous italian restuarant call Cucina Roma. Thats where I tried and discovered for the very first time Risotto. It was a creamy mushroom and chicken forward 10+ years. I've been having a craving for this risotto even more so since I've discovered Pinterest. A website full of random pictures and links to more random things....awful to browse through when your hungry. On there I saw this picture.....

The next day I set off to the grocery store to buy the ingredients and that night I challenged myself to re-create the dish. I've never considered myself an excellent cook...but I enjoy trying new recipes and the challenges of cooking it and getting the family to eat it as well. Long story short after 40 mins of continuous stirring I've successfully accomplished a wonderful tasty dinner for the family....even better, the girls ate it. And the Battle against raising picking eaters just swayed my way.

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