Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Enjoying my Left overs.

I forgot that I did take pictures to document my accomplishment in the kitchen with my made from scratch Risotto....
Warm 6 cups of Chicken broth in large sauce pan.
Sautee LOTS or baby potabella and white button mushrooms

Set Aside and sautee some shallots, garlic, in some olive oil.

(key to my success was to have ingredients prepared and ready prior to cooking and to have plenty for the girls to do and keep entertained....because once you enter
the next step you'll be stirring for about 40 mins. (nice arm workout)

Add Arborio Rice and wine.

At Half a cup at a time of the 6 cups Chicken Broth, while continuosly stirring. Do this for about 40 mins until the Rice is al dente.

Last step is to add the mushrooms, butter, chives and parmesean cheese.

Final Product...

Not bad for a rookie.

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