Saturday, October 8, 2011

fall mornings!

I am so in love with the weather right now.... Minus the leaves changing colors it seems like the perfect fall weather.... Somewhere In the 60s with the sun shining, bundled up in a sweatshirt, cup of hot tea.... Kids content to color outside while the newly cleaned inside of the house stays as such.... perfect!

( and yes Brooklyn is in the same dress as yesterday.... Gotta pick my battles right?) oh and bonus I inadvertently got a 7 day vacation ( low on call hrs that I sleep thru the whole might for!) on the agenda is race for the cure, pumpkin patch, more cool weather mornings spent outside. And already done from the agenda.... Date nite with the hubbie, where we bellied up to the bar and people watched thru Tempe marketplace, and fall cleaned the house! All the windows are open and blowing the trapped summer air outta the house!!!! Welcome to why I live in az!!!!! My 3 mos of stuffy air conditioning is the trade off for the 9 months of perfect weathers Ike the rest of the country suffers:)
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