Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Hard to resist

We have an understanding in our house that the girls are to sleep in there own rooms... Since they were both about 2 mos old that has been the case. With the exception of vacations and one time for Brooklyn when she was sick. They are great sleepers and they don't try hard to climb into our beds at night. In fact Brooklyn kicks us out of her room during bedtime. As they get older cuddle time gets rarer and every moment I want to bottle up. I have resorted to either sneaking a few moments with Brooklyn after she's fallen asleep. And then this.......

If I'm still awake and Alexis starts crying from her room there are times when I don't hesitate to scoop her up and slide her in bed with us. Not a habit, cuz normally we just let her cry it out. But as every mom knows there are times when you just want to hug your kiddos and never let go.

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