Saturday, November 19, 2011

So. Not. Ready

While at a friends house tonight my 22 mos old pulled me into the bathroom, said potty, proceeded to point to the potty. With no attempt yet and without any intention to I figured, heck why not....placed her on the throne that swallowed her 12 mos old sized bootie whole. A few minutes later I hear the trickle and splash of pee. Shut the front door (thx summer for my new fav expression) she did just do that! Did I mention.... SO NOT READY! (especially since I literally just bought another super sized box of pampers... On sale of course!) I was gonna wait til the spring to even introduce the idea. So i figured i can stock up on more pampers. We have a huge international trip planned with both girls and honestly traveling in diapers.... So much easier!
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Becky said...

Just tell her to "shut the front door" until after the Phillipines. :) Pun intented. You have one advanced 2-year-old-to-be there!

Elizabeth said...

Can she show my boys? Between working and changing the two of them I AM SO READY! LOL. Hey, btw, did you ever buy the portable potty for you car?