Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Back at it

It didnt seem to long ago that I was potty training Brooklyn and it wasn't. A little over a year ago. I thought I had some time before I had to cross that bridge again. But it seems that Sheasus is wanting to cross that bridge more and more each day despite my hestitation. Everyday she goes more and more on the potty. She asks, we help her onto the potty, she goes. She gets skittles. I haven't bit the bullet and taken the diaper away totally because she still hasnt grasped the whole staying dry concept and because they don't make panties in 12 month size so I'm having to buy the smallest ones i can find and then alter them still. I know we still have a long ways to go before we're totally trained, but its apparently happening long before I planned it. (i didn't think of introducing this until after our big vacation that involves a nearly combined 20 hr plane trip...make sense right?)

Other then that Sheasus is down to one nap a day. Still tries to sneak into her sisters bed to sleep at night...sometimes a success....

She's still itty bitty.... but her voice is quite opposite. She's discovered she can have an opinion and isn't afraid to show it. She's become shy around strangers and takes a little to warm up to to you, but after the she'll be your best friend. She loves to cuddle and she'll climb right up in our laps and arms and find away to tuck herself in. She repeats EVEYRTHING you say, not to the tee, but hearing her version of what you just said always cracks me up. She's put together sentences and can sing versus to songs. She's definitely going to be a gymnast. Always finding things to hang off of and flip onto.

Brooklyn is enjoying her preschool. Loves going to dance class. She likes to play with the older kids and keep up with what they're doing and then loves to teach and play with her little sister. She's still attached to her puppy and mothers him like any mom would of a newborn. She must be hitting a growth spurt because she's constantly hungry. She loves to play dress up and any imaginative play. She loves tea parties and anyone willing to sit with her and be her "customer"...usually Sheasus...sometimes deuce if real food is involved. Her hair is still just as curly and something I'll always envy.

That's all I have for you right now....keeping busy with the holidays. Lots of projects and things on the agenda...but more importantly keeping busy with these two....

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