Thursday, December 22, 2011

First Hair Cut

Alexis (and Mommy) survived the first haircut... as you can see it was torture.

She just needed a trim to even it all out...I've been procastinating taking hopes deep down it will hopefully slow the growing up process...DANG! these kiddos grow up quick!

Brooklyn- well she was pretty much blah about the whole process. Only going one other time and having the same reaction as Alexis. I think it helps that she tags along with Daddy when he goes and gets his cut. They both (daddy and Brooklyn) score candy when he's done.

I forgot to take after pictures....It wasn't drastic one in this house seems to ever have any drastic haircuts ever....Brett sports the same haircut cut by the same girl for aver 10 yrs now. I get my cut maybe 2 times a year....and also have had the same long black hair!

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