Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas

The only downside of working in the healthcare field that I have found is that hospitals dont close over major holidays. With that said every year varies on Christmas traditions and how it is celebrated. Last year was a big year in Chicago with that side of the family. This year was more low key and initimate with just the 4 of us, but still a big year for us...big in the sense filled and filled with gifts for the girls. I worked Friday night and came home Christmas eve morning and let the girls FINALLy tear into their presents. Not sure who was most excited, the girls, Brett, or Deuce. I'll let the pictures do the most of the talking....

My hubbie is slightly obsessed with golf these I got him something to work on his game during is downtime.

I on the other hand am slightly obsessed with boot socks/leg warmers and shoes. I got a combination of all of that. Along with some pretty sparkly jewelry (what girl doesn't love that?!) Thanks to pinterest, my hubbie had some help on what to get me. No pictures of me that day though....after working 12 hrs and then taking an hour nap...definitely not picture ready.

That night we got ready for Santa to visit the house. We fed the reindeer by sprinking some special reindeer food on the patio. Made cookies (again after working a 12 hour night shift the cookies were store bought pre made/cut/decorated tollhouse kind....DONT least they weren't oreos and we did make some of the effort, or my first memory of santa growing up we gave eggrolls!)

The next morning the girls woke up to this....

Note that santa even left his footprints and some snow on our carpet! I know he's busy but he can at least clean up after himself. Regardless, the girls were super stoked to get up and run down the stairs to check out the gifts. In fact they tried to get up at 6am...but Brett and I put a hault on that idea!

Brooklyn loved her Big Puppy, that she was quick to name Christmas Paws, "paws" is his nickname...she's good! Alexis loved all her toys, but mostly her Sisters toys. They love playing dress up so the disney dress up trunks were a hit.

Just in case there are those looking really analyzing our pictures...and I know I have blog stalkers out there that do...I had to include this picture so you know why we throw a big blanket over our big living room couch...normally something that gets pulled when we have guests. Deuce likes to perch himself on the couch nearly all day long as you can see in the photo...

So pretty much Christmas eve and Day was spent with letting the girls tear into their presents and play. I had to work Christmas night so I took a few and Brett was surely pleased that the girls had plenty to play with and entertain themselves with.

All in all, it was an incredibly low key Christmas which if you ask me is always nice to have ever so often. Although don't get me wrong, I would have much rather spent time with any of our extended family during the holidays, but if that's not an option...this is definitely the way to go for us. The girls were spoiled by soooo many presents...lots of dolls, dress up toys because my girls are both girly girls. I think we've added 4 more puppies to Brooklyn's ever growing collection. I know that Alexis will be getting a helmet and infant size bike for her birthday because she pretty much insepreable from Brooklyn's.

Brooklyn is learning the how to not be a sore loser and at the same time learning how to not be a boastful winner thanks to Hungry Hippos. I don't think "I kicked your Butt!" will get her invited to her friends houses much..but we're working on it.
So many toys toys toys! Of course Santa didn't fail the girls without giving the obligatory new socks. Always a great stocking stuffer.
I have always loved Christmas, but it has gotten 10x better with these two....

Merry Christmas from our family to yours....we hope it was as magical as it was at our home!

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