Monday, December 12, 2011

Polar Express

We spent the weekend up in the "mountains" with some wonderful friends and had an even more wonderful time. The main purpose was to take the kids on the Polar Express train ride.

Thr train ride was filled with lots of happy screaming kids (and adults) amped up on sugar cookies and Hot Cocoa. (see previous blog posting) We sang christmas carols and even danced a little bit.

SOme kids....not so much....

The train took us straight to the North Pole....where Santa and his elf were waiting to wave high to us.

The highlight of the train ride was the surpise guest who came onboard to hand out early Christmas gifts.

I wish this last picture turned out better because I caught it at the tail end but thats Brooklyn giving Santa a bog ole hug!

I was surprise that Miss B wanted to sit on Santa's lap even and tell him that all she wanted this year was a puppy...SHOCKING SURPRISE (both the puppy and that Miss B wasn't shy with Santa this time around) After Santa left the train car, Brooklyn started to BAWL. Between her sobs and sighs she managed to say that she was sad that she asked Santa for a puppy and all she got was the Bell. We kept having to explain to her that this was a Christmas pre show and that Santa would be visiting her soon again on Christmas....GOSH I LOVE MY KIDS!

We opted to not stay in Williams...the town where the Train Station was but rather spend the rest of the time in Flagstaff. There was still a little bit of snow left from the previous weekends storm. Just enough to let the kids get their fix of playing in the snow.

A nice things about living in AZ is the warmer climate and the ability to drive just a few hours north have a little taste of winter.

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