Thursday, December 22, 2011

Season for giving....

Not a day goes by that I don't count my blessings. I'm lucky to have what I matter how little it may seem to some or lots it may seem to others. I'm thankful for the health of my loved ones and myself. I'm thankful for the house that shelters my loved ones and me. I am thankful for jobs that help provide the shelter and material things.... I'm simply thankful to have material things...but MOST importantly I am thankful to have the love that surrounds me though my family and friends. The list of things I am thankful is infinite and of course changes on the daily basis. Bottom line I am grateful I am blessed.

Holiday times can really put things into prespective....What you have one year you may not have the next or what you didn't have may even be worse the following. I look at the bottom of my Xmas tree and think my kids don't need all those gifts and it hurts to know that there are parents that struggle to put just one gift under the tree for their kids. So this year in lieu of exchanging gifts with friends we all opted on sponsoring needy families in hopes to provide a holiday that would not be able to do for themselves. New at this process I went through St Vicent de Paul and they set me up with several families to get in contact with. With the aid of my WONDERFUL friends we were able to sponser 2 large families. Both families having unique situations, but both still struggling. I kept in mind that it comes down to the kids and the same way I want to protect and shelter my own from struggles and hard times, some parents may not be able to do the same. I learned that what some people may find a necessity and would never go without (heat for their homes), some may find a luxury. I learned through this process the importance of keeping a non judgemental attitude. I learned how humbling it is to even ask for help.

Today we made the drop offs with those families. With nearly a truckload of gifts (okay, maybe I am exaggerating) we dropped off gifts for families....some basic necessities...and a few extra items to make their Christmas special. It was a combined effort from all our friends....and I am so thankful for them, but how little it may have seem to us probably made a bigger impact on these families then we'll be able to understand. This process challenged me to really put into prespective how blessed we all are but more importantly what more can I do to help.

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