Monday, March 5, 2012

Tagatay/Lake Taal, Philippines

We took a day trip to Tagatay the day after the wedding. Tagatay is about an 1-1.5hr drive from Manila, depending on traffic. (the traffic HORRENDOUS in Manila, with crazy driving etiquite which is another Blog for the future). Tagatay is located up in the mountains/hills away from the crazy dense population with more of a vacation/short get away feel. It's known for their crazy scenic views of Lake Taal that surronds the Volcanoes (I found out that they were more then just one on this recent trip)

We headed to Peoples Park first to check out the scenerary and views.

For lunch we hit up this quaint restaurant nestled in dense landscaped garden area. Hidden, but quite the find!

It was a european type cafe, with tons of imported European speciality foods and wines. You wouldn't have guessed we were even in the Philippines.

After an enjoyable lunch with the whole family we trekked back down the mountain to sea level area to catch a short boat ride to the island that housed Volcanoes.

When we arrived on the Island, we were met by locals and their horses to guide us up the Volcano to see it's crater. Because of all the dirt they suggested we wear surgical don't think we're crazy germ-a-phobes in the pictures....

It was about 5km up the mountain. Our guides for the most part walked up it guiding the horses. Crazy. But despite the not so "ideal" horseback ride (brooklyn would tend to disagree, she was in heaven!) the View made it well worth it.

I was cr azy paranoid, because inches beyond the guardrails that didn't look very sturdy with huge gaps was a very steep drop off into the volcanic crater/lake. So we kept Sheasus in the "safe zone" where she instead enjoyed Fresh Buko (young coconut) juice.

After taking in the breathtaking view and debates from Brett on whether he would pay the 500 pesos to hitssome golf balls into the volcano it was back down the mountain and a rather enjoyable wet and refreshing boat ride back to the mainland.

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