Monday, March 5, 2012

Travel Tips

After nearly 2 days of plane trips I can easily say future plane rides will be a piece of cake. Here are some keys to survival for long airplane rides with little kiddos.

travel tip #1
Make sure there is a puppy around for entertainment.

Travel tip #2
have plenty of food and snacks

Travel tip #3
Bring favorite stuffed animals or toys

Travel tip #4
Download new Apps or movies for the Ipad, and if traveling with 2 kids, make the investment for 2 Ipads. Trust me, sharing is not an lesson to be taught or argument to be had 30,000 feet in the air.

Travel tip #5
Seek out the childrens play area at your layover airport. Great way to burn of the pent up energy they have.

Travel tip #6
Let the kids watch as much TV as they want

Travel tip #7
Be open to the use of Benadryl for optimal sleep results.

Tip #7 nearly back fired on us though on the way home. Alexis woke up crying and screaming several times during the flight. I think the use of the Benadryl made her soooo tired that she had no idea what was going on that it wasn't easy to help her calm. We stood in the Galley of the back of the plane a few times til she was able to calm down.

Travel tip #8
Don't plan 32 hrs of plane travel (NO JOKE round trip 32 HRs!) without the aid of grandparents.

Travel tip #9
It's OK to dedicate one carry on to all toys and activities. You can NEVER over pack when it comes to children's activities

Travel tip #10
That rule about limiting candy intake. Yeap, throw that out the window. Flying is the exception. Unless it makes your kids bounce of the walls, which isn't the case with us. Candy worked as a good distraction and mood stimulant :) Make sure your pack some for the adults traveling as well!

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