Monday, March 5, 2012

Wedding Day

The purpose of the flight across the Pacific was to witness the nuptials of my dear Cousin Nina...aka Cathi. She is the daughter of my Dad's Brother, Uncle Percy. My Dad has a small family with only 4 cousins total so celebrations are limited especially since one family lives in the Philippines and the other in Canada. It's nice to have a reason to get us all together when we can. This trip was only missing one cousin, which was a shame since the last time we were all together was 1993.

Brooklyn and I were honored to be asked to be a part of the wedding.

(Brett is pictured in the traditional Formal attire worn by Filipino Men. A barong. Brilliant hot weather dress up clothing if you ask me. No one wants to be melting under a tuxedo...just ask the males in our wedding party!)

The most anxiety I had about the trip was over how our VERY shy 3 year old would do walking down the aisle as flower girl. I kept telling her about the prizes she'd get if she did well and smiled....then I saw this.

A LOOOOONNNNNG aisle. ( side note: there is no wedding rehearsal done in the Philippines so no practicing) That's when I settled for Brooklyn just making it down the aisle. She was totally against the whole idea of walking down the aisle. Kept refusing and crying about it. Apparently her flower girl counterpart Chesca felt the same way because she refused as well. So she also lost someone to hold her hand walking the mile to the alter. At that point I told her she could cry the whole way if she wanted, I wouldnt care...she just had to do it.
Crying the whole mile is what she did.....sobbing by the time she made it to the alter.

If you are wondering, I managed to walk down the aisle without crying or tripping.

But no one really cared about me or Brooklyn...they were there to see the stunning bride....

and my cousin Cathi made an incredibly stunning bride.

After the was all about the celebration....there were no more tears from Brooklyn...just all smiles.

Brooklyn's "plus one" at the reception was her newest member of the puppy family..."Deucer"

Brooklyn was also introduced to realllllly sugary iced tea and became an addict in a matter of minutes....

There was dancing with flowers by Alexis

Lots of picture taking with family

Visits with the wedding doves.

Cake eating....

Rides on the wedding swing....

And we were even able to sneak in a picture with the Bride and her handsome groom Aris....where Brooklyn insisted she give the "Princess" a hug

Congrats Mr. and Mrs Co! Cheers to you for a lifetime of happiness. Thank you for having us at your BEAUTIFUL ceremony!

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