Thursday, April 5, 2012


I think this is the longest I have gone without a blog update. Since our return from the Philippines life has just been crazy busy. Alexis and I both battled some nasty illnesses. Landing her in the ER one night and me with 10 extra days tacked onto my original 21 days off. You think I would have had time to update the blog, but of course the girls have kept us busy. Brett was even able to sneak away to Vegas a few weeks ago. March is a busy month with birthdays and probably the best month if you live in Arizona. 70 to 80 degree weather kept me and the girls on the go enjoying the incredible weather.


We're attempting the potty training thing with Alexis....

And there's no doubt to me that she'd be good at it, but I find excuse after excuse to not give the effort my total 100% priority. We'll get there....

The girls start ISR in a week...... Infant swimming rescue program. Google or YouTube it if you aren't familiar. It's an intense teaching regimen...and slightly nerve racking for the cautious parent....but completely necessary. I've always been a fan of the program after I've seen results with our friend Amaya a few years ago, and it wasn't til recent research did I find that it has been successful for tons of other friends of ours...and I never heard of a unsuccessful student. 5 day a week lessons for maybe 6 is about to get really intense here.

I've made it my goal to savor all moments with my girls and to really be active and my blogging has taken the back seat for now. Both girls have personalities that seem to have exploded over can i not trade a clean house for quality time with these two....

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